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Meetings and events

Discover the magic of events and meetings at Hotel Nord 1901, the ideal place where elegance meets functionality in the heart of Girona. A perfect combination of elegance, personalized service and privileged location.

Our hotel offers versatile and elegantly designed spaces to suit all your event and meeting needs. Each space has been carefully planned to offer an inspiring and professional atmosphere.

At Hotel Nord 1901 we strive to offer a comprehensive and personalized service to make your event unique and memorable. Our team is at your disposal to take care of everything and ensure that what you have imagined becomes a reality. We plan and execute the event from start to finish, down to the last detail.

Furthermore, you can enhance your events with the exceptional gastronomic offer of the restaurant L'Assaig 1901. Our talented culinary team can tailor menus to suit any palate. Exquisite presentation and quality ingredients are our culinary signature.

Thanks to its unbeatable location, Hotel Nord 1901 is easily accessible for all guests. Additionally, the proximity to iconic landmarks offers unique opportunities for social activities and networking.

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